Stick on Etching

Stick on Etching

Art on Glass Designs provides over 1,200 designs. Each design can be cut from a premium, exterior grade, adhesive backed vinyl to provide the look of etched and/or frosted glass. It can be applied on to any smooth glass surface. Installation is easy and can be done by a professional or a DIY’er. Stick on etching is a durable and cost effective alternative to glass etching that can be used on interior or exterior surfaces.

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Stick on Etching FAQ

What is Stick on Etching? 
Stick on etching are vinyl decals that are cut from a thin (2 mil) premium exterior grade, adhesive backed vinyl. They have the look of etched or frosted glass.

Stick on etching is an incredibly durable alternative to glass etching. The durability of our stick on etching lasts between five to seven years when applied to exterior surfaces. Stick on etching can last much longer when applied to interior surfaces or shower doors.

Can they be removed?  
Yes, they are easily removed by a razor.

Are these similar to static cling vinyl sold in stores?
No, these are thin vinyl pieces adhesive back. They are very similar to actual glass etching in feel and look.

Can you make custom designs? Is it possible to modify existing designs?  
Yes, we can create custom designs from any drawing, picture, or logo. Any modification that you desire can be achieved by our customization. You can even take a photo and we can create the design from that. Tell us what you are looking for and we can make your dream design a reality. 

What are the benefits of Stick on Etching?
There are numerous reasons to choose stick on etching from Art on Glass Designs. One of the benefits is its easy removal from rental properties or office buildings. You can easily and reasonably add the beauty and privacy of glass etching without the permanent effects. 

It is also wonderful for those who wish to change the look of their glass surfaces often. New designs are always available for updated looks. Stick on etching is a perfect alternative to glass etching without the permanent damage. 

How is Stick on Etching applied? 
Stick on Etching application is simple and quite easy to do. It is perfect for professionals but simple enough for the DIY’er. All that is required is a solution of water and dish detergent that is provided with a plastic squeegee applicator. Complete application instructions are included with every order. They are also posted on the website here (ADD HYPERLINK). Please call or email with any questions regarding application.

Can Art on Glass Designs provide installation? 
Yes, Art on Glass Designs is located in Eustis, Florida and provides installation within the central Florida area. Please email or call to discuss installation. 

What is the difference between regular and reversed cut? 
You are able to order either regular cut etched glass designs or reversed cut glass etched designs. Regular cut is when the design is etched and the background is clear. Reversed cut means that the glass background is frosted to add privacy. 

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