Stick on Etching

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Stick on Etching is vinyl decals that are cut from a thin(2mil) premium exterior grade adhesive backed sign vinyl with the look of etched or frosted glass.

Durability of our Stick on Etching lasts 5 to 7 years when applied to the exterior surfaces. In most cases they are applied to the interior, which will add many more years to the life of the vinyl.

Can they be removed?  Yes they can very easily by using a razor to lift the edge and pull it off just like a sticker.  But you can NOT reapply the decal once this is done.

Are these like static cling vinyl sold at all other stores?
No.  These are thin vinyls with an adhesive back.  There are no clear vinyl inbetween parts of the design to hold it all together.  Just like actuall etching.  Where the design is is where the vinyl is elsewhere is Glass.

Can you make custom designs or modify yours?
Yes we can create custom designs from drawings, pictures, etc.  And any modification you want to any of our current designs can be done.   Weather its removing elements or adding elements from other designs we would be happy to help you customize the design.

Why get Stick on Etching?
there could be many reasons you choose to use Stick on Etching.  Such as  if you are renting your home, or even office building.  You can easily add the beauty of Etching without permanent damage to the windows.

Or maybe your like me and Like to change the looks of your windows whenever you want instead of being stuck with the same design forever.

Either way Stick on Etching Looks great and causes no damage to your windows.

How are they Applied? The Stick on Etching is applied wet with a solution of water and a drop of dish detergent and a plastic squeegee applicator. Complete application instructions are included with each order and posted on the website.

Does Art on Glass Designs Offer Installation? Yes, we do in our local area and surroundings, Umatilla, Eustis, Leesburg, Altoona, The Villages, Deltona, Contact us for other locations within an hour of Umatilla.

Are you able to Take a Photo and create Stick on Etching? Yes, we do custom design work and business logos.

What is the Difference with Regulare and Reveresed? Regular etched look glass designs mean the design is etched and the background is clear, reversed etched look glass means the background is frosted to add privacy. The design in reverse etching would either be clear or have a thin outline around it and be etched, depending on the design.

2 Responses to Stick on Etching

  1. I wanted to get some color into the design and wondered if , on a clear background/”sand blasted” design, if after application the “blasted” areas could be “over-painted” with color….(such as garden leaves, flower blossums, etc)??

    Or, do you have a process to do this prior to installation?

  2. admin says:


    If your looking to add color with our stick on option we do not have a method for that but if the glass were to be etched then we can help.

    Usually after the glass is etched (with the stencil still on) you can go over it and paint it with glass paints, acrylic paints, etc. The etched surface gives the paint a great place to adhere to allowing the paint to stay on.


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