Are you still hand cutting your stencils? Save time and money by letting us create your stencils for you.   Here at Art on Glass Designs we provide high quality quick turn around stencils for glass etching, acid etching on metal, etc. In both 4mil, and 10mil materials we can cut any of our 1200+ Unique designs or Custom designs made for your project.

2014-04-04 21.39.22 EtchedPanel

Custom Signs etched in Glass/Mirrors.

2015-08-26 18.47.45This was created for Central Avenue Treats here in Umatilla. The owner offered me to put up a sample piece in her ice cream shop that has a heavy Coca Cola theme. So I made this 12×12 Always Central Avenue Treats Sign. Once the Frame is done (red distressed stain) It’s going to look great in her ice cream shop.    These 12×12 mirrors make for a very affordable unique gift.

Art on Glass samples

These designs are currently what we have in the showroom to display the different type of work that we can produce.  Everything from carving for 3d effects such as
2015-07-20 11.32.41this Cardinal on bamboo piece.  We use different depths of sandblasting to produce a deep etched/Carved design.  This allows for light to hit it at different angles really showing off the detail.

As well as carving we can shade a piece of glass in order to give it shadows, and a different depth of feel such as in our Mario Design That we have displayed in the prior post.  Or we can add a combination of methods such as Shading, and Carving.  We carve out things that we feel should be nice and bold and stand out.  Then we come in and shade out the rest of the design to make it appear 3 dimensional.  This technique takes time and lots of planning to produce a great piece.  Such as seen Spidy2here in our Spiderman design.  You can see where we carved into the glass on the spiderweb line work then lightly dusted inside of the webbing to produce a totally different look.  Also the spider on the center of his chest we did not etch at all to make it really stand out from the rest.

below is a gallery of images of some of the samples in our showroom.


So Who Does not love Mario?  So I asked my facebook friends to pick the next character for my next etching.  I had Lot’s of good opinions and I kind of want to do them all!  From spiderman to Mine Craft.  But the Classic Mario won my choice.   Here he is.  There is a lot of shading on him which I promise this is my 2nd time attempting this.  I am starting to learn a few tricks and becoming more efficient.  But I have to really plan out my pulls to do this efficiently.  I had to replace quite a bit of vinyl due to accidental pulls.   He will be for sale after I frame him so please contact me directly for purchase/price.

Please excuse the photos.  I etched this on a Mirror so it is very hard to get a good photo.

Practice Makes Perfect

As I expand my skills I can offer many new designs and create the artwork that I really Enjoy.  All In Glass! I am working on my shading and this is honestly my 1st piece on flat glass.  I attempted a beer mug carve/shade but It was difficult on the curve.  This was done on a 12×12 1/2″ beveled scrap piece of Mirror I had laying around.

I honestly wish I would of done this on a nicer piece of glass because I like it.  I will be framing this to remind me how far I come in the next year+